Hi guys... 

Well, what I should tell you about me? 

I`m 40 years old and live in Switzerland. My name is Philippe and I`m really impressed with HDR-Photography. That was the reason I come to photography. When I saw the first HDR - Photo I was really overwhelmed about the dynamic of the moment which was captured! 

The most important thing on HDR is to see, feel and take the picture at such a moment that there will come out great photography where I can astonish the viewer and for sure, myself as well. I know there will be photographers who don`t like HDR - Photography. There is software work behind the picture and the pictures look like they are painted in some areas, but for me, this makes me different from all other great photographers out there. 

My next Impression is Long Exposure - Photography. Long Exposures photographs are another great way to present a dynamic look on our nature. With the light color cast of the filters, which are relevant to create these images, it gives the views a special taste of its own...

Don`t you think? 

So these are just some short thoughts from me and some information about me.

All of the photos you can see on this website are available for print purchase or download!

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Well, hopefully, you will find some nice pictures on my website and come back soon to take a view if there are new photographs on my page. 

Take care guys...

See you ..


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